Krystyna Knypl, editor-in-chief of “Gazeta dla Lekarzy” about herself

With Paris in the background

Born: hmmm...

Educated: formal M.D. education including Ph.D.

Early career: not discouraged to further attempts

First experience with writing: 15 years ago

Writing career: go on ;)

Family: daughter Kate, granddaughter Helen and grandson Henry, son-in-law Maciej

Hobbies: reading travel books

Ambitions: round the world travel

Unformal CV as a story

I tried to get around as I could about the medical issues, but contemplations leads me to address the subject, from whom, and so there is no escape. This does not mean that it did not attempt.

A few years ago I published a book entitled “Life after being a doctor”. The unconscious assumption of the title was the notice of the acquisition of skills related to my second profession, a medical journalism and willingness to say bye, bye, medicine, now I will be dealt with elsewhere. New identity and stuff like cartoons...

The book was printed and went to the readers. Came the first review. I felt as a liberated woman. Maybe in retrospection, quite reasonably chose not to first to read the homogeneous environment of my professional colleagues learned in his youth, which, as I thought at that time I left the ranks. Colleagues read and commented on the novel. Everyone, even separate instance can be uplifting.

Some sympathetic... especially those who saw in the pages of the novel mirror the fate of their young years and fortifies the idea that exile to the health service is not for life, not everyone is awaiting sentence.

Others sharply... especially those who saw in the forms of heroes is not necessarily a reflection of their friendly personalities and passion to the world. It was as loud in the my professional environment of the book, which, in principle, each author has, though not at any time, it is nice.

As the liberated woman, I went to a press conference in Paris, which discussed issues related to the cardiovascular diseases. One-day Conference on the category of what arrives in the previous day, slept one night and the morning after breakfast, checking out the hotel and spent the rest of the time in some small conference room in the basement of the hotel and listened to the lectures of various experts. Deliberations ended at lunchtime, some people went to lunch, and I accompanied my friend from Prague to the airport CDG. There was a brief December day and the streets of Paris covered the first snow of the year. We arrived to the airport and every one of us took up his flight after delivering the traditional see you, usually there is no sequel. Most flights were delayed that day, because the airport handling services similar to Polish road fell into dismay, that in December in Europe, it snows. We luckily started two hours later. So I flew from Paris to Warsaw LOT plane, which is not negligible in the later stories. Closed my eyes and welcomed been giving meditation is empty. Here I am, liberated woman, backing from conference, which invited only a few medical journalists from across Europe...

You can, however, stand out for independence... – I thought. There has been a long time when the world and vain meditations delivered me the message given by speakers. Actually the first time in my life I heard on the plane:

– Is there a doctor on board? If anyone of you is a doctor, please report to cabin crew.

This was, fortunately for me and for my insurance policy, the Polish plane. We were on Polish territory, a country which still retains the right to practice medicine, and if so, it was necessary to act. All of my thoughts about freedom and liberation in a moment how you press the DEL key evaporated like a soap bubble.

I got up and apologize to the person sitting next to me said: – Sorry, the message I was me concerned. I was convinced that someone got a cardiac arrest and quickly laid down the thoughts as I put the patient for resuscitation. Along the seats will be more convenient – I thought. Fortunately, the situation wasn’t so extreme. Sitting a few rows further passenger, received oxygen already served by the crew.

Where do I start? – I thought quickly. I decided that the patient should know who he is dealing.

– I am Dr Krystyna Knypl.

Film gesture recognized the patient’s wrist, and a moment stopped to think what to say. It was a benign arrhythmia. I said calmly and with a smile:

– Your pulse is O.K.

Patient’s facial expression changed in the blink of an eye. Everyone feels better when it learns that the pulse is O.K. and in addition, this message comes from a doctor. Passenger translated my opinion accompanying her husband, who did not speak English. He smiled at me with gratitude.

– You have a handsome husband, fell into my eye at the airport – I said. Passenger’s husband laughingly explained my words. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief ... Me too. Cabin crew repeatedly inquired whether they should order an ambulance near the landing site of our aircraft. I answered that there is no such need. We walked to their gate, and all told each other to see you, which is known to never have continuation. During this flight, I found a answer to the question: Who is the doctor after being a doctor? Well, there is continously a doctor.

Krystyna Knypl

paris2015DSC05960 400Fot. Mieczysław Knypl