Diary of an old lady: sunday morning with a billionaire

Krystyna Knypl  

Old age is starting to be fashionable! Unlike youth, which transient away with time, old age lasts indefinitely. Since when are you old? Every date is conventional. You can with the help of cosmetic business, hairdressing, nail business create the appearance of youth, but it is all an illusion.

Time moves forward no matter how long your nails are and what color they are (btw, my nails are short and have a natural color and hair too). The undisputed date is when they start calling you Grandma.

Paris 2016, August

Before a family lunch at Le Grand Colbert restaurant, with my daughter Kate and grandchildren who call me "Grandma Kisia". This name is a diminutive of Krysia, used by my grandson who is in the process of learning to pronounce the Polish "R".

4:30 wake-up call

I look at my smartphone screen - the administration of "Profil zaufany" notifies me that it will expire in a few days and encourages me to renew. On an empty stomach and just after waking up, I can't remember what I need this profile for but I assume it's to confirm the issue that I am me.

I am starting the renewal procedure. I only need to receive two emails, enter four codes in different boxes and I already have a profile valid until 2025. Hurray! First success!

I click on the Twitter app and the screen shows information from www.bloomberg.com about the most expensive cities to live in. Ha! I wonder what cities they are!

I'm trying to find out on the site, but I have to enter my email address to read an article on the subject. I do, unfortunately only the headline of the article is displayed, to read the whole I have to subscribe to the newsletter, but it would be best if I bought a subscription for 3 months at a promotional price - only 0.99 USD / month, and then time will tell ... how much it will cost.

Internet users write that after the promotional period you have to pay $34 /month for the newsletter. No wonder owner Mike Bloomberg has collected a multi-billion dollar fortune. I look at the billionaire's website https://www.mikebloomberg.com/  where I get curious about the article "Confronting COVID-19 with partnerships, innovation, and information".

A film strip is displayed above the article showing billionaire Mike meeting all the representatives of We the People, of America. In the video we see young, middle-aged and old men, young and middle-aged women, a young man holding hands, two women who are significantly overweight. There is not a single old woman in the film! What happened to them? Are American women not aging? How is it that in a country of many millions of people, not a single old woman was found? Is it a miracle of nature or an ageist, anti-feminist  joke? On an empty stomach, I can't figure it out!

5:45 breakfast time

The google calendar notifies me that I have not scheduled any events for today. Sounds promising! Could I be lying on any side all day?

Breakfast Old Lady

My breakfast today

After breakfast, ironing, phone calls and writing articles for Gazeta dla Lekarzy - a day as usual.

Caption: Krysia never wanders, she rules the world :)

I bought this sticker because I thought it was true, but it turns out that the world is ruled by men!

Krystyna Knypl

GdL 2/2022