The art of writing a CV on the example of Krystyna Knypl

Krystyna Knypl (maiden name Łapińska) was born in Podlasie in a noble family sealing with the coat of arms Jelita, granted to her great-great-grandfather Wincenty Anastazy Łapiński in 1765 by the Heraldya Królewstwa Polskiego.Polish Film Chronicle


The roots on her mother's side, Halina Hublewska, lead to Ksawery Konopacki, considered the founder of Warsaw's Nowa Praga district. He was head of the section of the Mining Department at the Government Commission of Revenue and Treasury in Warsaw. Note that the route of the Warsaw-Petersburg Railway passes through Krystyna's hometown of Łapy! What symbolism!

The land of childhood

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 In the photograph, taken at Wladyslaw Piotrowski's famous photo salon (, we see an elegant woman with big eyes and bright wavy curls.


Another photograph from Krystyna's childhood (taken in Wysokie Mazowieckie, where Krystyna's parents worked at the local high school. Father was the school's principal and Mother was the Polish language teacher shows that she looks just as interesting in formal attire for photography as she does in work attire for the sandbox.

What's more, she has a knack for being a so-called front woman! Her early mastery of this skill came in handy years later when Krystyna became editor-in-chief of the Gazeta dla Lekarzy. It is well known that the Devil dresses at Prada and all editors-in-chief are elegant that ho! ho!
In 1948, her parents moved to Warsaw, where Mother took the position of head of the student dormitory "Dziekanka" at Krakowskie Przedmieście.



Polish Film Chronicle (

Her father worked as an accountant for a higher public utility association called the "Society of Bursaries and Scholarships." Halina's mother, inspired by conversations with students living in Dziekanka, began attending classes at the University of Warsaw, initially as a free listener to lectures by such prominent professors as Witold Doroszewski ( and Artur Sandauer ( After passing two exams, she was admitted to the Polish Studies Department and, upon graduation, received her master's degree based on her thesis on the works of Alexander Fredro.

Halina Lapinska okl pracy magisterskiej660

After graduation, Halina worked as an editor at the State Medical Publishing House on Dluga Street. Krystyna, while visiting her mother at the publishing house, had the opportunity to meet future luminaries of medicine, such as Bogdan Kaminski, Artur Dziak (, who also worked at the State Medical Publishing House. Stories about other authors, prominent professors of medicine such as Eleonora Reicher (founder of Polish rheumatology), Antoni Horst, physiologist (, Alicja Blaim, pediatrician-endocrinologist ( as well as copies of famous medical books edited by Mother, such as Wladyslaw Szumowski's History of Medicine, present in the house, undoubtedly influenced Krystyna's choice of medical studies.

During the vacations, she returned eagerly to her hometown, taking advantage of the invitation of Aunt Frania, a pious person of great heart and nobility, as well as an animal lover. Aunt Frania also had a talent for mathematics, which was enjoyed by all the local children. As Henia, a childhood friend, recalled years later - there was no mathematical equation that Auntie could not solve.

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Auntie always had a horse, cows, sheep and a cat on her farm. One of them was known to walk Auntie to church for morning mass. After escorting Auntie, he would return home, sit on a high fence post and so wait for her to return from church.

Chasing the cows from the barn to the pasture in the morning and returning in the evening were ceremonies permanently inscribed in local customs, and participating in them was a favorite activity of her Daughter Kate, who spent many of her summers in her mother's hometown.

The sheep, which initially grazed with the cows in the meadows along the Narew River, over time plucked grass in the home garden.


School education and higher education

Krystyna is a graduate of T. Czacki High School No. 27, which in her school days was located on Karowa Street in Warsaw. After passing her matriculation exam, she studied at the medical faculty of the Medical Academy in Warsaw from 1962 to 1968. After her fifth year, she was the winner of a competition for an exemplary student. During her studies, she listened to lectures by distinguished professors with noble lives. These included surgeon Prof. Zdzisław Łapinski (, a Warsaw insurgent and participant in the Polish Medical Mission to Ham-Hyn in North Korea (1955), and internist Prof. Marek Sznajderman (, under whom she passed her diploma exam in internal medicine and did her postgraduate internship. Years later, she found documents from which she learned that he was, along with her Father, a prisoner of the German concentration camp Sachsenhausen.

Work as a medical doctor

She began her work as a physician in April 1968 at the State Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Warsaw at 59 Nowogrodzka Street.

After completing her postgraduate internship, she continued her work as a doctoral student, graduating in 1974 with a doctorate in medical sciences on the basis of her thesis "Application of ultrasonocardiography to assess the functional state of the myocardium." She is a specialist in second-degree internal medicine and a specialist in hypertensiology. In 2001, she received the title of specialist of the European Society of Hypertension in recognition of her achievements in the field of hypertensiology.

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In addition to her medical work at the hospital, she taught internal medicine in Russian with students coming from Yerevan for summer internships. In addition, thanks to her knowledge of the Russian language, she was invited in 1975 to give a lecture on "The use of beta adrenergic receptor blocking drugs in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases" at Novosibirsk State University in the famous Akademgorodok academic town during the Polish Medicine Week.

She deepened the art of medicine under the guidance of Prof. Jacek Preibisz ( ). On the other hand, under the guidance of Prof. Jolanta Chodakowska, she learned the principles of reliable clinical research (
She deepened her knowledge of echocardiography at a seminar in London (1979), during which she had the opportunity to observe the pioneering examination of the pulmonary artery valve by Prof. Arthur E. Weyman.

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Since 1982, she has worked at the Hypertension Clinic of the State Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Warsaw, 59 Nowogrodzka Street, combining medical practice with scientific and didactic work. Under her guidance, three young doctors completed scientific papers on hypertension, which were presented by them at the congresses of the European Society of Hypertension in Milan and Paris. Christine presented three scientific reports at the Interamerican Society of Hypertension congress in Sao Paulo in 2004.

She summed up her her MD path in the book "The Golden Diploma of Physician."

Since 2000, Krystyna continued her medical practice in Warsaw's private medical clinics. The new work formula allowed her to become more intensively involved in journalistic and literary work. In 2003, she published her debut novel, "Tiger Ointment or the Vocation of Medicine." Readers received the book very favorably, which encouraged Christine to continue her literary activities. Between 2008 and 2022, she received more than a dozen journalist accreditations at conferences organized by the European Commission in Brussels and Madrid.

However, she was more attracted to writing columns, articles, poems and books than to writing prescriptions for hypotensive drugs. From 2006 to 2012 she was a columnist for "Gazeta Lekarska" published by the Supreme Medical Chamber. In the pages of this magazine, she created the timelessly famous "Decipher a prescription" column, in which she showed examples of medical hieroglyphics, and readers submitted decipherments.

One of the puzzles from the "Decipher the Recipe" column. She has worked with high-circulation color press for many years.

Her colorful image in the high-circulation press

In 2012, she took on the publication of the monthly Gazeta dla Lekarzy, a nonprofit magazine created by doctors and their families. The co-founder of Gazeta dla Lekarzy is her Husband Mieczyslaw Knypl (1949-2021), in whose memory she wrote the book "I dance the tango, a love novel".

 She is the author of the SF novel "Diagnosis: Gold Rush," written in 2011/2013, which features the Brave New World, Augmented Reality, the Muti Vir-Vir vaccine, which is administered in vaccine-buses...Not only that, the vaccine causes some side effects, which the Party of the Rich...

 She summed up her journalistic part of her career path in the book "Journalistic Duck" ( )

With particular dedication, Krystyna promotes healthy lifestyles and a salt-reduced diet. In recognition of her contributions in this field, she received the 2014 World League Award for Notable Achievements In Dietary Salt Reduction at the Population Level.

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Krystyna has traveled throughout Europe and North Africa. The real challenge was a trip she made to Brazil to present three scientific reports at the Interamerican Society of Hypertension congress in São Paulo. The realization of the trip was made possible by the receipt of a travel research grant.

She also traveled to Argentina for the World Congress of Cardiology in Buenos Aires, and at the conclusion of the proceedings, she made a self-prepared solo trip to Iguazu Falls.

Similarly, she traveled to Australia on her own for the Transplant Congress. She has visited the United States several times in connection with journalistic accreditations to the congresses of the American Society of Hypertension, the American Society of Cardiology, the American Heart Association, and the American Society of Clinical Oncology.
I have repeatedly received journalistic accreditations from The Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency at the European Commission for health conferences held in Brussels, Madrid and Athens. She has also been accredited by national institutions such as the Sejm and the Senate of Poland, the Presidential Palace and the Polish Academy of Sciences. She has given about 30 interviews to radio, television stations and the press.

In the television program "Coffee or Tea"

An interesting form and at the same time a serious challenge for a journalist is an interview in a foreign language. According to Krystyna, the final text is the result of the thoughts of the person giving the interview and the words used by the journalist to translate what was recorded on the electronic medium. She has had the opportunity to prove herself in this regard by interviewing Prof. Philipp Kotler, the marketing guru, and Prof. Louis Ignarro, the Nobel Prize winner in physiology and medicine.

 Ignarro Knypl400

With Prof. L. Ignarro during an interview

Another kind of journalistic adventure turned out to be an invitation to write columns in English on the largest portal for doctors Since 2016, Krystyna has been writing columns as a "Sermo community columnist" for the online community of doctors, comprising 800,000 people from 150 countries. Her column "Is a woman of a certain age, still interested in sex?" was published by the WHO / UN portal "Decade of a healthy aging"
And last but not least, she is the author of dozens of poems, a volume of which will soon be published.

Krystyna is interested in photography and she is the author of the photoblog Modne Diagnozy (

Her photo of a butterfly flying over Iguazu received an honorable mention in an international photo contest organized by Lonely Planet One Planet.

The heroes of her daily life are her daughter Kate, son-in-law Maciej and grandchildren Helenka and Heniek. For them she wrote a family trilogy "Mosaic of Memories" consists of volumes: "It Started in Zakopane," "All Kids Have a Drawer" and "In the Rhythm of La Paloma."
She collects editions of The Little Prince in various languages.
Krystyna is a member of the Polish Society of Cardiology (since 1977), the European Society of Cardiology (since 1977) and the Association of Polish Journalists (since 2004).

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