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To battle!

The main research task facing the scientists involved in the program labeled the acronym BAT Study, or The Best Available Treatment, was to determine whether there were links between proprotein, receptor structure, genes, and the social health behavior of people. health behavior of people. It was not about of course, it was not about some simple correlation, but about precisely determining which of the thousands of proteins coursing through a person's body carries the code for a predilection for overuse of medical services.

The first stage of the study involved reviewing all biological specimens, carefully collected for 50 years in the Ameerland laboratories Medicine Study, and comparing them with the list of reporting appointments to doctors. A threshold for increased use of medical advice was taken as reporting more than three visits per year. Rapid non-reporters and infrequent visitors were quickly weeded out, as they were not a research target.

One thousand five hundred residents shying away from medical services were excluded from the five thousand baseline sample residents who shunned medical services were excluded from the five thousand baseline samples. The entire focus was on the 3,500 frequenters of medical practices. All possible systems, proteins, sequences, bonds, and chemical rings were analyzed.

The time went by and at a certain point, everyone was in the office. Time passed and at some point, it seemed to everyone that nothing interesting could be found or established. Then, by chance came to the rescue. It was decided to take one last look at the one last look at the spectrophotometry data.

In a further review of the results, it was found that in many cases an additional, hitherto undescribed band. The structure of this band was very intriguing and it was suspected that the track led to changes in one of the amino acids, specifically tyrosine. The findings looked interesting, but it was necessary to thoroughly analyze the samples using a more detailed program of protein structure imaging. Multiple sequences were viewed in successive patients in 3D presentations. The researchers' attention was drawn to the paler fragments in areas where tyrosine was incorporated.

This phenomenon occurred in patients who frequently visited their doctors. It was agreed that the next stage of the work would involve deciphering the lifestyle of tyrosine holders with pale blue fragments. Many facts had to be established - what they did, what they ate, how they spent their leisure time leisure time. The research dragged on.

Meanwhile, in the flats of the monthly" Modne Diagnozy", a relaxation of the summer holidays was followed by a period of intensive editorial work. The Managing Editor was working hard to improve Matilda's texts, adding commas, hyphens, semi-colons, and a lot more. to them by adding commas, hyphens, semicolons, and other little things.

Without them, the texts would be tasteless, like any dish without salt or pepper. like any dish without salt or pepper. These seem like little things, but how much they contribute! If the editorial team would like to introduce property separation, the ownership of the Managing Editor would look like this:;.......,//////-----(((((())))), and Matilda's would only be the words that are between these stamps! 

"How time flies, it's almost galloping," thought Matilda and turned on Sarmaland's famous TV station. While waiting for the final shape of her texts, which were being edited by the Managing Editor she temporarily had no urgent activities in the editorial office. The announcer announced the broadcast of another important event in health care. Clocks throughout Sarmaland punctually struck noon, followed by the sound of a bugle call from the Wariacka Tower. After the last sounds of the bugle call, on the screens of the TV screens, Minister Bartolomeo Karierra-Nieuwierra appeared dressed in paramilitary garb and began to speak.


Prescribers of Refunded and Non-Refunded Pills!

I am forced to announce that there can be no going back on the Commercial Characteristics of Pills, Suppositories, and Suppositories! of the Handling Guide for Tablets, Suppositories, and Injections as the armed arm of the system's tidying-up, sealing holes, and a symbol of medical progress.

We will never allow you to rely on knowledge and personal testimony! For what does an individual mean in the face of the power of the system and the eminence of the High Authority for the Undoing of Medical Progress?

In the same way, there can be no return to the impunity of scribbling on prescriptions, created by the insidious idea of a of a once-famous column. What was it called? Scribbled Prescription or something similar. We deciphered it in collaboration with a coadvisory committee, headed by the President of All Presidents, the true face of this column. Well, it called for doctors to write prescriptions inexplicably by showing how to do it effectively. At the request of the President of All Presidents and his committee advisory committee on editorial matters, the column was scrapped and removed from the pages of the press. 

Deleted? temporarily, unfortunately. The rubric has grown back, the hydra! And in what form? What am I saying, it has grown back. It has grown to the size of the entire newspaper, unfortunately. Perhaps it was better not to make a rash decision, so as not to regret it bitterly later," he muttered under his breath. Perhaps it was better not to be hasty, so as not to regret it bitterly later," the speaker muttered under his breath.

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Diagnosis: golden rush

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