The Statute

The Statute of “Gazeta dla Lekarzy”

I. Introduction

1. “Gazeta dla Lekarzy”, in accordance with Polish law, is registered in The District Court in Warsaw, on February 28, 2012 r. in the Register of Newspapers and Magazines (pos. PR17864).

2. “Gazeta dla Lekarzy” is created by medical doctors and members of their families.

3. The publisher of „Gazeta dla Lekarzy” is Krystyna Knypl, Ph.D., hereinafter referred to as The Publisher.

4. “Gazeta dla Lekarzy” has two distribution channels. Version ISSN 2300-2170 is published on the internet (, and version ISSN 2084-5685 is published as a printed (mapped on the Internet in PDF format).
Each printed number is sent by The Publisher to the National Library of Poland (signature P. 293 987 A) within the framework of legal deposit.

5. “Gazeta dla Lekarzy” uses the GdL shortcut.

6. “Gazeta dla Lekarzy” is not associated with any political organization, religious, social movement or medical self-government. GdL is NGO acting for better healthcare for all citizens.

II. Vision and Mission

1. The primary objective of “Gazeta dla Lekarzy” is promoting issues important for public health: progress in medicine, health promotion, healthy aging and knowledge about rare diseases..

2. “Gazeta dla Lekarzy” is addressed to medical doctors, especially to those who see medicine as an art and their profession as a vocation. GdL inspires to thinking and learning.

3. The intention of “Gazeta dla Lekarzy” is to show all aspects of the functioning of modern health care systems, with particular attention to the threat to the traditionally understood the medical profession, flowing from the instrumental approach to medicine.

4. The complementary part of each medical duty is the time after duty. GdL on its pages shows not only medical issues, but also our achievements, experience and opinions on such topics as literature, music, travels.

III. Financing

1. In accordance with Polish law “Gazeta dla Lekarzy” is not a unit of the public finance sector and is not working in order to make a profit.

2. “Gazeta dla Lekarzy” is funded solely with private funds of The Publisher.

3. There are not accepted donations. The Publisher does not accept invitations to receptions, lunches etc.

4. The publisher does not do business, but is a freelance journalist.
“Gazeta dla Lekarzy” is not publishing commercial advertisements or announcements.
“Gazeta dla Lekarzy” don’t give media patronage for events or permission to reprint articles with logo GdL in other media.

5. Members of the editorial staff and authors are working as volunteers. Are not paid salaries or honoraria. All GdL members involved in editing and publishing are working for the common good, but also for personal satisfaction.

Krystyna Knypl, M.D., Ph.D.
editor in chief & publisher