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Niebieski korytarz

Professors Graham Bohner and Mark Lenton once again reviewed the list of people vaccinated with Muti Vir-Virr. On the way to the biological training ground So, would this be an unknown and unnoticed effect of vaccination, originally intended against viruses, but de facto remodeling the endoplasmic reticulum? If a change took place in this structure, what resulted from it?

The rapid transport channels inside it had to efficiently eliminate all kinds of markers of emerging diseases, both of a mental and organic nature? Was there any other mechanism involved? If these people were not affected by viral diseases alone, perhaps it was an effect not related to the active part of the vaccine itself, but to one of the additional ingredients? What did they add to this vccine?
They reviewed extended information about the composition of the vaccine. The trail led to an additive in the form of a non-ionic surfactant. Is it possible that endoplasmic reticulum channels are being rebuilt, resulting in an acceleration of the removal of all disease markers? Or maybe there are other mechanisms at play? – they wondered. Psychoprotein markers associated with all social activities also had to be removed, as it turned out that the remaining activities of the 1,715 people also became very limited. This hypothesis was so probable that it needed to be discussed in a larger group. The meeting date of the working group was set in two weeks. – Colleagues, I think we have deciphered the reason for the low frequency of visits to doctors in the parent generation group from the Ameerland Medicine Study. This was probably due to the restructuring of the endoplasmic reticulum during the Muti Vir-Virrem post-vaccination reaction, and this change was not caused by the action of the vaccine itself, but by the non-ionic surfactant added to its composition. It is tempting to return to these experiments and perform them in several variants of doses and vaccination frequencies on a larger group of people. What do you think about this? – said Professor Graham Bohner. - Great idea! – Professor Mark Lenton exclaimed. – We agree, we agree – said all the conference participants one by one. – Well, since we have a consensus of views, let's think about how we can organize it in practice. The regulations of the Union of Autonomous States are unlikely to allow us to conduct such research, as it would be planned and organized interventions into the human genetic code. Where could we conduct them? – asked Bohner. – It seems that Sarmalandia has serious health care problems. You could throw this topic at them in the form of a controlled grant, Lenton replied. – What grant? – Bohner asked. – Well, a controlled one, i.e. one in which we supposedly examine situation A, but in fact we look at situation B – Lenton explained. – Can you be more specific about that? – It's simple. We will announce that we are funding a program to support Sarmaland science and local health care, and in fact we will receive a biological training ground and a whole lot of data for further analysis. – Well, it sounds interesting, but I don't think such an action will take place without the consent of the government of the Union of Autonomous States. – Well, I guess so, we have to knock on a very important door in Lankenton. So a delegation of scientists went to Lankenton to obtain a blessing and perhaps funds for further research. A little shy, they climbed the stairs leading to the office of the chancellor general of the party of wealthy people. After hearing the idea of the BAT Study researchers, the Chancellor promised to pilot and support the cause of conducting research in Sarmaland at all levels. He kept his word and the grant could be transferred at the level of political activity at the beginning of the year. It was decided that inviting Dr. Odran-Zatroskana, who was considered a foremother, or perhaps a lapse, as some claimed, to the Union of Autonomous States, would be a good political move.
Vaccine bus
It was announced that the official purpose of the visit was to obtain financial support for medical research and improve access to new methods of treating and preventing diseases. Health care in Sarmaland was in decline organizationally, substantively and financially, so Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana welcomed the offer of the Chancellor of the Union of Autonomous States with enthusiasm. Everyone was happy with this solution to the problems. Politicians needed new activities that would show what a broad gesture they had not only for the inhabitants of their country, but also for all others in need. The formalities related to obtaining grant financing for Sarmalandia did not take long. The mighty Bad Pharma did not skimp and sprinkled as much American realia as was necessary. The action is planned for the coming spring. A special injection leading to TCER mutations was called a vaccine against a new pathogen that allegedly threatened the inhabitants of Sarmaland. It was called Virus aureus. The news about the possible emergence of a new pathogen began to be reported by specially hired and generously paid media immediately after Dr. Odran-Zatroskana's arrangements with the Union of Autonomous States. Sensational information about subsequent outbreaks of Virus aureus infection appeared systematically, initially every week, then twice weekly. To-Nie-Ten TV has been ordered to broadcast daily news about the new virus. Public opinion was heating up like schnitzels in a frying pan. When the sizzle reached its zenith, Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana appeared in the evening edition, in an interview with the editor Maczugin. – Minister, please tell the listeners what the ministry is doing in connection with the Virus aureus epidemic approaching our borders in rapid waves. Apparently, Sarmaland's neighbors lack vaccines, respirators, oxygen, masks - everything. There is also an opinion that in addition to the form of Virus aureus that attacks the respiratory system, a second mutation develops, mainly attacking the gastrointestinal tract.
Niebieski korytarz 2

Biological exercise corridor led to new spaces

– Thank you for this insightful question, Mr. Editor. In fact, our neighbors are not very prepared for this terrible epidemic, but everything is under control here. The thought won't slip through, oh, sorry, I meant the mouse, of course - said Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana in a giggling tone. – We keep our finger on the pulse, I personally check the pulse of all my colleagues every morning. I note, compare and analyze. When my pulse first accelerated, I ordered a batch of the best Muti Vir-Virr Plus vaccine, which is a vaccine with the widest spectrum known to mankind, and of course also includes protection against Virus aureus, a dangerous epidemic of which is lurking on our borders. What's more, I received a guarantee of a non-refundable grant from the authorities of the Union of Autonomous States to cover all the costs of this health promotion campaign. The amounts received will be enough to purchase a vaccine for everyone, and we will even monitor the behavior of immunity to diseases in the bodies of vaccinated people. This will be a new quality in prevention, full monitoring, check-ups, nothing will happen... - Dr. Odrana-Zatoskana suspended her voice effectively. – While I am watching over the health of our citizens, let no virus rejoice, so to speak a little to the rhyme, I will not allow any attack on any organism. We will repel the enemy with all our might, morning, noon, evening and night! – Oh, what a beautiful plan – admired editor Maczugin. – Can I hope that the doctor will vaccinate me during the visit? – But of course, Mr. Editor, if you do something, do it in the spotlight so that everyone can see it! And not secretly, even secretly, I would say - replied Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana with enthusiasm. – Well, we have an appointment. Thank you for the honor of being vaccinated by the minister herself. – Mr. Editor, I have always been, am and will be a practicing doctor. My office is just an extended form of helping all those in need!

In accordance with the schedule for releasing the virus to the public, agreed with the Union of Autonomous States, a Virus aureus epidemic was announced in the country neighboring Sarmaland at the beginning of March. Since it was not a land visited very often by Sarmalanders due to strict visa regulations, the reports of the To-Nie-Ten station, which reported further complications and consequences of local citizens not getting vaccinated, were uncritically believed. The next step were reports from a public opinion poll conducted the day after the broadcast of a report about the alleged sudden death of a young athlete who did not get vaccinated despite the recommendations. The actress playing the widow sobbed and pleaded with a broken voice: – Don't delay, don't delay vaccination... Do what can protect you from the worst... Over 90% of Sarmalanders surveyed were willing to be vaccinated. A previously unknown problem arose: how to logistically solve the problem of the crowds of Sarmaland citizens showing up, willing to get vaccinated as a preventive measure, and then take control blood donations required by the sponsor of the campaign. A new approach was needed due to the massive nature of the project.
After long debates, vaccine buses for administering injections and control buses for blood collection were invented. Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana, considered the godmother of the idea, appeared on television almost every day, informing "We, the Nation" about subsequent crowds of vaccinated people. Everyone's joy knew no bounds. After two months, everyone willing was vaccinated, several million people in total. The databases of vaccinated people have been updated and control buses have started collecting the first blood samples. How much joy they brought to everyone standing in line! Finally, no one spared them research or attention. Everyone had the feeling that they were being treated by Dr. Odrana-Zatoskana herself. It was a successful season in every respect. The political competition was broken down, the great ally received what he needed, and voters loved Dr. Odran-Zatroskana. It was worth coming back from the To-Nie-Ten studio late in the evening, where she reported her current successes to her voters. Meanwhile, periodically collected samples with data on the habits of using medical services were transported in special containers by air to the Union of Autonomous States. TCER polymorphism was already visible in the first samples taken after vaccination. In subsequent years, its scope was increasing. The microscopic image correlated with the patients' behavior. The number of visits to health care facilities decreased day by day. The open question was whether the vaccine overall boosted immunity and people stopped going to doctors, or whether there were some other, unidentified mechanisms at work. At the beginning, everyone in power really liked this state of affairs, but they didn't know what to think about people's behavior. They stopped going to doctors, and if they stop going to the polls??? – thought Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana, not jokingly, in a panic. How will we rule people who are satisfied and not quick to complain, and who are also healthy??? What will we promise them??? What intervention will we come up with for the good of our voters??? The party headquarters had a real hard time. Oh, those from the Union of Anatomical States can put you into real dilemmas! – she confided to her aesthetic dermatologist during another anti-wrinkle session. She was so worried that double doses of the drug were necessary to dispel the lines on Dr. Odran-Zatroskana's forehead and the corners of her mouth.

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Diagnosis: golden rush

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