Krystyna Knypl - mentioning my journalist accreditations since 2005


American College of Cardiology 2021

World Economic Forum, Davos 2021

While waiting for the Davos e-conference to begin, you can realistically celebrate the ceremony...

Reuters Next conference „Rethink, Rebuilt, Recovery A new Vision for Better Tomorrow” 2021


EU Health Programme, Komisja Europejska, Bruksela 2019


# 3 My badge 

Health Conference, Komisja Europejska, Ateny 2018



Cluster Meeting, Migration and Health, Komisja Europejska, Bruksela 2017

EU Health Programme, Komisja Europejska, Madryt 2017


Rare Disesases, Komisja Europejska, Bruksela / Leuven 2017


Senat RP, Warszawa 2016



Polsko - Francuskie Seminarium Pulmonologiczne, Warszawa 2016


Final Results of the ACCORD Project, Komisja Europejska, Madryt 2015



American College of Cardiology Annual Meeting, San Diego, off site 2015



Sejm RP, Warszawa 2014


 Organ Donation Congress, Sydney 2013



American Academy of Pain Medicine, Phoenix 2014


American Society of Haematology Annual Meeting, San Francisco 2014, off site



3th Health Programme, Komisja Europejska, Ateny 2014



Innovative Medicine Initiative, Bruksela 2014


 Organ donation and Transplantation, Komisja Europejska Bruksela 2013


Konferencja Waste Management (WM), organizowana przez WM Symposia (WMS), przyciąga tysiące uczestników z całego świata i jest powszechnie uważana za najlepszą międzynarodową konferencję dotyczącą zarządzania materiałami radioaktywnymi, Phoenix 2014


WONCA, Praga 2013

Sejm RP 2013


Sejm RP, Warszawa 2013

Journalists' Workshop, Organ Donation and Transplantation, Brussels 2013

IMI Stakeholder Forum, Bruksela 2013



European Society of Cardiology Congress, Amsterdam 2013



American Society of Clinical Oncology, Annual Meeting, Chicago 2012

American Diabetes Association, 72 Scientific Sessions 2012, Philadelphia


Polska Akademia Nauk, Warszawa 2012



Presidential Palace, the conference on the 20 th anniversary of family medicine in Poland, Warsaw 2012


American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting, Chicago 2012

Sejm RP, Warszawa 2011


American College of Cardiology Annual Meeting, Atlanta 2011


Innovation in Healthcare, Brussels 2010


ECTRIMS, Dusseldorf 2009





Residual Risk Reduction Initiative, New Orleans 2008


Euroscience Open Forum, Barcelona 2008


World Congress of Cardiology, Buenos Aires 2008


American Heart Association Congress, Orlando 2007
Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates, 2007
 European Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health, Lisbon, Annual Meeting, 2006
Cardiometabolic Risk, International Media Summit, Paris 2006
Global Media Briefing, Zurich, 2006
European Society of Sexual Medicine Congress, Copenhagen 2005

American Heart Association, Dallas, 2005
Press office at the congress of American Society of Hypertension, San Francisco 2005, notice what stylish computers the press office was equipped with at the time...we didn't have private computers back then...
# 1 My first press accreditation on congrss of American Society of Hypertension 

American Society of Hypertension San Francisco 2005, my first journalism accreditation abroad

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