"Diagnosis: golden rush" novel by Krystyna Knypl

Krystyna Knypl

I wrote the novel „Diagnosis: golden rush” in the years 2011 / 2013, traveling between Warsaw, Algiers, Oran, and Tipaza, where the ruins of an ancient city are located, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Meeting different cultures, and past worlds (the ruins of Tipaza are older than Carthage) certainly created a climate for creative inspiration.

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My novel features New Wonderful World, Augmented Reality. Scientists are researching the Muti-Vir-Virr vaccine, which is administered in vaccine buses.

Ten years after writing the novel and confronting it with the reality that currently surrounds us, I conclude that I am the owner of the future-telling skills – let’s call it in medical English, it will be more serious and scientific: the fortune-telling gene.

I'm sure it is one of the 1184 genes associated with the female X chromosome. How did I discover it? My mother Halina put the Kabbalah to many people and had serious successes in accurately predicting the future during World War II. My mother beautifully told various stories, but she did not have the gift of describing them. My gene has probably undergone a certain mutation and is expressed not only in the ability to predict but also to describe the future.


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New land on the horizon

Borders between individual countries have always been a matter of convention. Their course changed over the centuries, depending on the aggressive actions of stronger neighbors or the treaties signed after the wars ended. Special proxies of the victors sat at the negotiating tables and, by tracing their finger on the map, marked where one land ends and the other begins.

A map on which to look for Sarmalandia with its two varieties Realandia and Virtualandia At one point, it was noted that such military border-setting required too much effort, as well as considerable financial outlays. So they began to think about other, cheaper ways to control people. The search for a long time did not bring the expected results. There was even talk of a New Wonderful World without wars, aggression, and invasions.

The natural course of all life processes, however, requires constant merging and division, resulting in the emergence of new entities and structures. It was, for example, the Union of Independent Realand Republics (UIRR), but this creation lasted only for a while. Further new divisions were necessary. By the eternal law of nature, the world was divided into two hither to unknown lands – Realandia and Virtualandia. Initially, the borders between them were only temporary, they were discreet, almost imperceptible. This division, although initially not understood by everyone, was constantly deepening. The expansion of Virtualandia was so attractive and so far unprecedented that almost every inhabitant of Realandia succumbed to it. Why was this happening? The greatest sages and the most eminent scientists pondered over this issue, but the conclusions drawn from the reflections were rather modest. Everything was happening for the first time in the history of mankind, and what had been known so far about various divisions did not apply in this case.

Divide et impera!


The only rule that could be noticed was that the direction of movement of inhabitants from Realandia to Virtualandia prevailed. If we were to look for prototypes, perhaps it would be possible to draw a certain analogy to the direction of movement of people from countries with no prospects to places offering hope for a better future. Life in Realandia had for some time become simply unacceptable to anyone with even a shred of self-preservation instinct. Verbal aggression was growing between people, and chaos and hopelessness prevailed in all areas of life. Money was disappearing from the market, and the prices of all stocks and currencies were raging.

Truly Great Depression (TGD)

The mysterious virtualand newcoin did not resist fluctuations. There were whispers that it could even threaten the ameerland's real and other real known in the financial markets. In every corner of the individual provinces of Realandia, painstaking efforts were made to collect as much as possible for themselves, hide the looted money for a rainy day, and not share it with anyone. Pessimists predicted the imminent arrival of this dark hour every day, but no one knew when it would strike. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in a week, in a month, or even in a year? Each term was as real as it was false. That the long-announced Truly Great Depression (TGD) would finally come to Realandia, everyone was sure. However, no one, absolutely no one, knew not only when it would actually come, but also from which side it would attack and what form it would eventually take. It was not entirely clear what this phenomenon was, during the whole Truly Great Depression. It was not known what caused it, what turned it on, and what held it back. After all, there have been no natural cataclysms on a global scale in the world for a long time, floods sweeping continents or earthquakes completely ruining all cities.

There were no great world wars, except, of course, minor skirmishes on a continental scale, started only to keep brave soldiers from getting out of practice, combat equipment not rusting from disuse, and the armaments industry not going bankrupt. So why would there be a crisis? Just in case, there were preparations, general rehearsals, fittings, and adjustments to what was supposedly inevitable, because if it happened more than once, it would happen now. When did this madness start?

Ameerland Global Bank plans

Observers gifted with overactive memory speculated that the proceedings of a certain meeting at the Ameerland Global Bank in the Union of Autonomous States (UAS) might need to be studied carefully. In that council some years ago, old William F. Johnson thought:

–Since everyone stays in this whole Virtualandia longer and longer, then … hmmm – the great banking guru began his argument – such a lifestyle must have an impact on the economy in real reality. It is impossible that sitting around the clock in this strange land, which is not entirely known whether it exists, did not remain without influence on the rest of the world.

They will get so immersed in all this virtual fiction that they will stop going to work, earning money, and spending money, until they finally bring an economic crisis to the whole world. It’s better to be prepared and secure some capital for a rainy day.

-The prudent man is always prepared… continued William F. Johnson. Then why don’t we get some capital out of the market, just in case? We will make a kind of iron reserve for our wallets, accounts, and estates. This advice did not need to be repeated twice to the bankers gathered at the meeting. Everything old William said had the status of an oracle in Ameerland Global Bank that never made a mistake.

After all, he predicted some capital market events well in advance, and the bank did quite well. So they began stockpiling cash for that dark hour to come that no clock could strike. Well, maybe it was just the clock ticking in the minds of the overly cautious participants in that memorable bank meeting.

–We will convince the government of the Union of Autonomous States that the level of budgetary reserves should be increased and the interest rates on deposits in all banks should be reduced – it was decided at the first operational meeting after the meeting with William F. Johnson.

Chicago złote wejscie

Entry to Amerland Global Bank

As decided, so did Ameerland Global Bank, and since such a move was made by the banking giant, other, smaller banks had no choice. Streams of money, so far unrestricted on the free market, began to be directed to cavernous bank vaults, to which hardly anyone had access. Moreover, not everyone who was there had any idea of the resources of the whole. Long, winding corridors, dim lighting, and entering successive codes to secure the next thick, armored door were not conducive to remembering the topography of the vault, much less its contents. In the first year of these activities, no one knew how 7.50% of the circulating cash was taken from the market and frozen in bank safes.

The following year, 8.25% of the capital was raised, and there was no indication that this was the end of the preparatory operations for the Great Depression. As a result, all industrial production, trade, services, and factories began to work in a different rhythm and according to completely new rules. Successive sectors of the economy collapsed under the influence of money mysteriously disappearing from the market.

Production in all areas slowed down, the number of orders decreased, and the consumption of all goods decreased. Those who suggested that the True Great Depression would not come to them did not know what they were talking about. The thought of the impending crisis was spreading, as it were, by the forces of nature, swirling in the world, creating more toxic twists and confusions, like dust from a volcano right after an eruption. In the years that followed, more and more money landed in secret accounts, bank safes, secure vaults, and other places mere mortals had no idea existed. It was also considered expedient to increase bank capital reserves in pure gold. “Money is just pieces of paper whose value we determine,” said the supporters of this theory. It’s pure gold, only gold. This has been the case for centuries, why did we let ourselves be convinced that these papers with the likenesses of strange characters are so valuable? Gold is there to be acquired, accumulated, and admired, they argued to their opponents.

-Don’t be so excited about increasing the gold supply - the proponents of the notes replied. After all, how much gold is in the banks, only we know, it’s a bank secret! This stretchy term made it possible not to confide unnecessarily to a wide range of customers about subsequent ideas and decisions of supervisory boards. Almost all of the inhabitants of Brave New World have figured out what the changes are about in general terms. Only individuals brought up in a system that placed human health at the very top of valued values were unable to understand the imminent threat. They simply did not believe that the rules of the new strange market game would also apply to medicine. They consoled each other by that health is the most important thing for every human being and no one dares to change this system u values.


Afrieer on the horizon

Though they repeated the phrase over and over again, deep down they felt that they couldn’t be 100 percent sure that their views on the financial invulnerability of medicine were correct. After a few more years of the functioning of the new market rules, the amount of money in circulation decreased to such an extent that the shortage began to be felt in medicine. Since nature does not foresee a vacuum as normal, politicians began to replace the growing scarcity of money in medicine with an excess of words. In their conversations about medicine, endless promises, and words-lullabies, mantras appeared, which were only meant to lull the vigilance of citizens.

Terms such as patient satisfaction, empathy, we will do our best, we guarantee equal access, we will check who is to blame for the shortages began to make a career. In a word, terms that did not guarantee anything to patients, but only created illusions of allegedly undertaken efforts. Although the ears of many patients were doing well from these words-promises, it was worse for the other organs, especially the ailing ones. However, the dominance of the ears over the rest of the body in the verbal sphere ensured a high level of faith in the actions of the authorities for the time being.

Doctors, who over time better recognized the impending threats, began preparations, at first personal, and then also professional. Some were looking for good savings deposits, others were switching to new medical specialties, and others were looking for internal or real, external emigration to distant lands.

Nowy Wspanialy Swiat 3

 Mechanisms and structures controlling the New Wonderful World - an educational model, view from Afrieeria

No wonder that Dr. Matilda Przekora, not wasting any more time on reflections that could lead her to a state of financial and emotional exhaustion, decided to move away to a safe distance from the profession learned in her youth, the comforter of all the afflicted, thirsty and insatiable. She firmly decided that she would not be only a retired internist from Sarmawa for the rest of her life. Matilda had an anemic and dragging love affair with arteriology for years, but it was too pale to warrant a brilliant career in New Wonderful World. She could have been saved from complete social oblivion by a new professional and life creation, realized in a different space, in a new dimension, or maybe even in an exotic land.

Nowy Wspaniały Swiat 2 
Mechanisms and structures that control the New Wonderful World - an educational model, view from Panestralia

Matilda was sure she could write works with a volume of words larger than the traditional prescription, even including names as long as Kalium hypermanganicum or as mysterious as Natrium thiosulfuricum. How much time could each reader spend savoring such words? A tiny moment, and after all, the point was not to attract the reader’s attention for a minute, but to hold it for long hours, to provoke reflection, or to ignite the imagination. So where should Matilda go to fulfill her new resolutions? The closest, almost at arm’s length, was, of course, Virtualandia, a beautiful land full of emotions and passion, to which many doctors disappointed with the surrounding reality have already emigrated. So Matilda had no choice but to leave the baggage of her previous professional experience in a storehouse of exotic memories from her youth and adult years, and then go to emigrate to a new, exciting land called Virtualandia. It was comforting to know that there was no need to buy any tickets to this land, apply for entry visas, or have diplomas recognized.

Besides, it was always possible to return to Realandia, if a syndrome of longing for extremely strong sensations developed, which was a guaranteed and inseparable component of professional contact with the medicine. Where exactly the mysterious Virtualandia lay, no one knew. Each of the emigrants who came from Realandia, when asked about the more precise location of their new place of existence, said something different. Worse, there were no maps or guides to Virtualanda. For many doctors, the place of virtual emigration from Sarmalandia was the portal www.penicillium It was a land unlike any other known in real life. Everything in it swirled, mixed, gurgled, and functioned according to laws and regulations not found anywhere else.

For example, it was hard to believe that there are no heads and directors, and everything works! What attracted most visitors to www.penicillium.com, the portal was the feeling of freedom, the endless possibility of constantly new creations, taking on new unusual roles, as well as reasonable financial requirements for staying in this land. Particularly thrilling was the possibility of playing roles unavailable in real life. The hospital gray mouse turned into a menacing lioness who roared at everyone. By contrast, the skittish medical theorist played the part of the practitioner who could do anything, and the elderly lover dressed up in feathers as a young man from the seducer. The number of possible incarnations in Wirtualanda was practically incalculable. No one was who fate made him be in real life. This deceptive feeling of freedom of choice was at the root of all virtual madness. What’s more, everyone could be someone else every day, every time they crossed the border of Virtualanda. Every click, not just when he mustered up desperate real courage or when his account balance allowed it.

No wonder that the status of a correspondent sending colorful descriptions about the movement of people between Realandia and Virtualandia could be a very interesting creative challenge for Matylda, who likes strong impressions. Although the noises coming from it suggested that this might be the role of a war correspondent, what’s not to be done for future fame? When asked where exactly she was going to go, she replied that she was thinking of the coastal Afrieera, located on the continent called Afrieeria. Why there? asked those unfamiliar with the geography of  New Wonderful World.

Machine used to build New Wonderful World

To this question, Matilda replied that she had always dreamed of a distant and exotic journey, during which, following the example of famous authors, she would write a novel that would captivate a wide range of readers. She also added that she wanted to live in an elegant mansion by the sea and listen to the sound of the waves during her creative work. So she packed some personal belongings, a laptop, and a camera and rushed far away, into the blue distance. It caught a glimpse of someone at the check-in desk in Sarnawa, the capital of Sarmalandia, and disappeared into the depths of the new airport station (SAR).

Matilda Przekora, your correspondent from the border between Realandia and Virtualandia

Do not look for this border on any map. New Wonderful World is just being created and there are no exact maps yet. You’ll be the first to hear stories you won’t hear from anyone else…

Krystyna Knypl

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Krystyna Knypl

Diagnosis: golden rush

2011 / 2013