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All the regulars of Virtualandia more and more reveled in the new situation, hitherto unknown to them, and therefore extremely delightful. What fascinated them most was the boundless freedom… Ah, this exhilarating virtual freedom! Whoever experienced this divine feeling at least once was lost to a certain extent to live in the various kinds of slavery that Realandia offered.

Producing Social Benefactors by haze

His mind and imagination were seized by an indefinable intoxication, an eagerness to enjoy the charms of the life of a free man. Thrilling currents and waves of hitherto unknown excitement engulfed the liberated organism, spreading quickly at first, but slowly and lazily over time, reaching all nooks and crannies of the mind, body, and imagination without unnecessary haste. There was no part of the body, no cell of the body, that was not completely and completely seized by this enslaving madness of freedom. Rippling, rising, falling… it felt like forever and ever. At least that’s what all those who experienced states of divine freedom for the first time thought. They did not even suspect that it could be otherwise. It’s great and it always will be – all the cells of the enslaved organism, and even all the smallest intracellular structures, seemed to say.

Hot waves of pleasure efficiently transmitted phospholipids of the endoplasmic reticulum throughout the body, and intracellular proteins simply boiled with excitement in the collision with another storm of sensations. Suddenly, in this paradise of divine feelings, which were to last forever, an unplanned event crept in. Maybe it was a small stimulus, an impulse, something only small, but, as it later turned out, distant effects were completely impossible to predict. 

In a waived individual, the enthusiasm for collecting captivating feelings decreased, there appeared timidity, financial restraint, reduced consumption, and lower level of expectations. Unnoticed, the unbridled virtual hedonist turned into a low-budget and docile misfit. Watching such an individual on the ubiquitous monitors analyzing the behavior of all citizens of Realandia and Virtualandia gave only one thought to any manager of the political social engineering of New Wonderful World. Is it possible to breed such docile individuals on a massive scale? They could come in handy for the next Great Depression or the next general election. „They would be very useful socially,” it was noted at a meeting at Ameerland Global Bank.

Pozytecznik spoleczny 3

The Social Benefactor grown in the New Wonderful World

–Let’s call such an individual exactly and by name, Social Benefactor – called William F. Johnson, president of Ameerland Global Bank (AGB). – Such a person would certainly not have new demands for benefits financed by the budgets of the Union of Autonomous States (UAS) or the Union of Independent Republics of Realand (UIRR). Beautiful name, this Social Benefactor! How would that be in Latin? Utiliter socialis? When something has a Latin name, it immediately looks more learned and serious.

–How much time will it take until a socially beneficial change occurs and more such copies are bred? – was considered again in Reksela, the capital of the Union of Independent Realand Republics, when the concept of mass breeding of Social Benefactors on special plantations began to circulate spontaneously in the offices of power, wandering around the corridors of important banking institutions and political parties. Properly controlled and properly supervised, a plantation of Social Benefactors would be far more desirable from the point of view of the global banking and political business than the uncontrollably growing population of Antisocial Pests that proliferated right and left in all republics and states on every continent of New Wonderful World.

Social Benefactor bred in New Wonderful World The idea of breeding Social Benefactors was very attractive, but on the other hand, what if something goes wrong in supervised breeding and it jumps the other way? Such a genetically modified mutant starts to loudly articulate all its demands and expectations, then what will happen? - social engineering activists wondered. Even worse, there will be another mutant who will fulfill these wishes! The waste of public money will begin, cashing checks issued by state budgets and writing them to whoever. One day it was noticed that some of the mindlessly written checks probably looked like prescriptions by accident.

They didn’t look like prescriptions by chance. When at one of the meetings of the creators of Brave New World, all these chocolate recipes began to be looked at carefully, two small letters „Rp” were noticed. – What do they mean? – the head of the Ministry of All Sarmalandia Patients, Dr. Bartolomeo Karierra – Nieuwierra, was asked. 'They mean 'recipe’, which means 'take’, replied the minister in a trembling voice. After this confession, he wiped the sweat from his brow and pulled the tasteful shorts, softly sliding downwards, to the upper parts of his stomach. „How do you take it?” All the participants in the meeting were surprised. And we have nothing to say here? Nothing??? It can’t go on like this! they announced unanimously. It was impossible to tolerate a state in which anyone other than the representatives of power just took something and gave it to other people! Minister Bartolomeo’s explanation that this perhaps somewhat merciless „take” is a correspondence from a doctor to a pharmacist was drowned in the clamor of justly indignant voices of politicians and other decision-makers. It was decided that long-term and large scale preventive actions would be necessary to put an end to these evil „take” practices once and for all.

Without full control of the social appetite for chocolate prescriptions, the cost of which is a large percentage of the budget in each country, the continuation of the creation of the Great Depression cannot succeed! whispered at meetings at Ameerland Global Bank and in the offices of top politicians. More than one meeting in the offices of the creators of the new social order discussed the detailed mechanism leading to a change in human behavior. Managerial knowledge was not enough to solve the puzzle, the experience of sociologists and psychologists, traditionally used in political games, was also useless. Therefore, it was decided to reach for the knowledge of representatives of biological sciences, who have so far been on the sidelines of the attention of the authorities of the New Wonderful World.

Human behavior depends on protein structure?

Where to start searching and researching the reasons for the volatility of human behavior and growing consumption appetites? – they asked. – From protein, after all, life is a form of protein existence – the representatives of biological sciences answered unanimously. It was decided to approach the subject scientifically and seriously. At a special symposium in Booton, a city in the north of the Union of Autonomous States, the most experienced researchers presented the creators of New Wonderful World with the basics of the theory of protein polymorphism as the probable cause of all changes and new qualities and new behaviors in the world of biology. If there are changes in proteins, sooner or later there must be changes in people’s lifestyles, it was argued.

–Perhaps it is a seemingly minimal difference in the structure of proteins, for example, a change in the sequence of single amino acids. Let’s say, for example, that tyrosine jumps in place of alanine and in demonstrating crazy freedom something gets stuck, mutates, changes – said Professor Mark Lenton during the symposium in Booton. – It’s not a big deal, such an exchange of amino acids, but still! As a result of such a change, a new biochemical quality is created, and after some time it may be followed by a new psychological and social quality. It is theoretically possible, the professor continued, that after living with such a polymorphism for some time, a consumption-oriented individual will grow into a low-consumption variety. There will be an individual analyzing every purchase, and abstinence in every area of life will accompany him like a shadow.

The concept of protein polymorphism as a way to change consumption behavior, presented by Professor Mark Lenton, seemed to have a very good theoretical basis in the opinion of most scientists. It was a matter of time to work it out in detail, to learn all the mechanisms and ways leading to changes on the trail from amino acids to everyday human behavior. Having learned the mechanisms of change, the next natural step would be to use the identified biochemical changes by implementing them in the strategy of global planning in New Wonderful World. The era of local, random, and uncoordinated traditional political activities was fast becoming a thing of the past. Great wars were not needed by anyone. Political strategists promoted governmentality, and if anyone was at war, it was only with non-orthodox oppositionists for words. For a long time, New Wonderful World was ruled by ruthless biopolitics, which did not hesitate before any solutions, and the political dream of many was to create an industrial method of producing government-minded citizens.

Tworcy Nowego Wspaniłaego Swiata

The armed arm of the creators of the New Wonderful World

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Diagnosis: golden rush

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