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Krystyna Knypl


After the report was closed, the researchers asked for an appointment to visit the president again. They didn’t wait too long. A week later they were again walking up the white stairs leading to President Benjamin Grant’s Triangular Office.

 – Oh, Mr. President, seemingly no big deal, a small fragment in a cell, the detailed structure of which is visible in a special microscope. – What microscope? the president asked. „It’s called an atomic force microscope,” replied Lenton. „Well… that’s interesting!” Anything atomic interests politicians,” Grant replied with a smile. „This time it’s just an atomic microscope that we used for research, and it’s not going to cause any damage, I think.” Thanks to it, we can see cell fragments rebuilt under the influence of vaccination in the bodies of our voters. Changes arise as an unplanned effect of vaccination with Muti Vir-Virrem. – How long after vaccination will these changes occur? the president asked. “We think two years will be enough,” Lenton replied. „So what do you guys suggest?” asked President Benjamin Grant. “We need to study the phenomenon on a larger population. It was in Sarmalandia, where the local variety of rich people rule, that we organized the vaccination with Muti Vir-Virrem. We just need to get the samples and run them under an atomic force microscope. In two years, we’ll do control blood draws and then everything will be fine Of course. – How do you want to implement this idea, in what scenery? – He asked President. – We will embellish the signing of the contract for further research on vaccination with the addition of an impressive decoration or medal. You have to choose the right person to be awarded this award, preferably from the health department,” added Lenton. – In consultation with the Ambassador of Sarmaland to the Union of Autonomous States, we will determine who will be most suitable for this. We will wrap everything up in a story about our best ally in health and sickness, suggested the president’s secretary. Professor Lenton and a group of advisers came to the conclusion that convincing the vaccinated inhabitants of Sarmaland to submit their blood samples for further examination in the atomic force microscope twice in a year’s time requires special actions in the media sphere.

It was agreed that it would be made public that in patients vaccinated years ago, additional beneficial effects of the Muti Vir-Virr vaccine were discovered. This action was supposed to be the prospect of longevity. It is said that all those vaccinated in the Union of Autonomous States at one time were over eighty and doing very well. Perhaps the Sarmalanders have such a prospect ahead of them, but to determine it, it will be necessary to take a small blood sample twice for further testing in modern devices. The action was called „Drop of Blood for the Future”. Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana was very surprised when she was informed through official diplomatic channels that the head of the Ameerland Medicine Study wanted to invite her to visit the Union of Autonomous States and that she was to receive a high decoration. The program of the visit provided that Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana would give a drop of blood on a vision during a meeting with the president of the Union of Autonomous States.

Konferencja prasowa pomniejszone

All major TV stations were to carry the broadcast.

Who wouldn’t agree to show on all televisions how he gives a drop of blood for the good of his nation? Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana started extensive preparations for her foreign visit. To begin with, she ordered another tasteful costume for a national visit to the To-Not-Ten station. The stylist advised her to wear a short-sleeved suit for all vaccination occasions, as an active physician always has her arms bare to the elbow. Every detail must be perfectly planned and under control. The day has come to inform about Dr. Odran-Zatroskana’s spectacular dedication to the health of the entire „We, the nation”. The broadcast was hosted by editor Maczugin. “Ladies and gentlemen, an amazing and one-of-a-kind experience awaits us. Well, there are strong assumptions that the Muti Vir-Virr vaccine has additional effects beyond protection against infections. It probably grants us a life extension of at least ten years over what fate originally intended for us. To determine whether the vaccine has this amazing effect, it is necessary to donate a small amount of blood twice for further testing. Our guest, Dr. Orana-Zatroskana, is going to visit the Union of Autonomous States, where further details of this great pro-health action will be determined. What’s more, the doctor will donate her blood for research in the Union of Autonomous States! Is that true, doctor? – I confirm everything you said, indeed such a visit is planned and one of the points of it is that I will donate blood for further tests.


Ladies and gentlemen, blood will be examined in the latest of microscopes that can see every single atom! What accuracy! During the visit, I will determine the details of the tests that people vaccinated with Muti Vir-Virr will be able to undergo. You will need to give blood samples twice. We will organize everything so that you do not have to bother yourself too much. Control buses will run near your homes and samples will be collected in them blots of blood. This will be, ladies and gentlemen, an introduction to what we plan to introduce in the future. “Health with home delivery” is our long-term program. After the broadcast, the number of e-mails that came to the editorial office and phone calls that broke all records. Health with home delivery – what a beautiful vision! Internet forums were not silent with comments full of admiration for the Sarmaland rich.

Meanwhile, Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana continued preparations for the upcoming visit. She practiced the Ameerlandic language, practiced different versions of the smile, and tried on more short-sleeved suits so that it would be easy to draw blood on video. The day of departure has come. She decided on a navy blue suit for the trip and a blue one for a visit to the Triangular Office. Surrounded by a guard of her most loyal advisers, she took the VIP seats on the plane bound for the Union of Autonomous States. After ten hours of flying, they arrived. The next day they had a visit to the president. From the airport they drove to the Ameerland Hotel House, where they were quartered. In the morning they were taken in military cars to Lankenton and brought before the president. Yes, placed, because the world in which they found themselves treated them as objects that had to be delivered at the right time to the right place according to the requirements of the script. The meeting with the president and taking a drop of blood from Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana was to take place in a conference room adjacent to the Triangular Office. Union of Autonomous States President Benjamin Grant entered the room at noon sharp. He shook the hands of all the gathered, uttered a few slogans, and then with a gesture of his hand invited Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana to take a place on a specially assembled stand for blood collection. The invited woman sat down in an armchair and before she could open her mouth in a greeting formula, she was already lying at a 30-degree angle.

 algier 1

The president slapped her on the shoulder, made a sacramental phrase like „you can do it!” and unexpectedly leaned to the ear of Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana. To everyone’s surprise, he clearly whispered something to her. That wasn’t on the record! It must have been some incredibly happy news, because the expression on Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana face took on an orgasmic radiance that did not pass. What’s more, the sound she made was the most reminiscent of such climates. – Oooochhhchh, mister president – moaned Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana, called during the visit by the local media in accordance with the spirit of the Ameerlandic language simply Ivv Odra. The president, after an off-protocol whisper, with a mysterious smile on his face, took a few steps back, because the moment of drawing blood was approaching. A handsome military nurse skillfully took a drop of blood, pressed the place of collection and after a few minutes stuck a blue plaster with a dressing, the same color as the suit, so as not to disturb the color harmony of the surroundings. The patch was also supposed to suggest the blue color of the blood drawn. The camera zoomed in on the process of applying the dressing, and the rapporteur was delighted with the precision of the procedure and the color harmony of the entire undertaking. Before they were all finished procedures related to drawing blood, President Grant disappeared irretrievably through the door of his Triangular Office.

Fortunately, the Sarmaland television cameramen taken to the delegation stretched the recording to a dozen or so minutes, thanks to tricks such as „a wandering camera will show you everything and more.” The next item on the agenda was a press conference in front of the seat of the president of the Union of Autonomous States. Here, there was no such strict time frame and the subject of sacrificing oneself for the health of the nation could be developed a bit, ba! for the health of the united nations of Ameerland and Sarmaland.

 The first question was assigned to editor Maczugin. He deserved this honor!

– Doctor, how did you feel when you gave a drop of blood for the future? the editor asked. “Emotion, above all, great emotion. And moreover, I was overcome with the conviction that I could give not only a drop, but even all the blood that circulates in me, for the health and better future of my nation, for our dear voters! – replied Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana. What else can you say to your people? – asked Matylda Przekora, who is a representative of "Modne Diagnozy"  accredited by the Union of Autonomous States for this ceremony.

- You always have such incredibly uplifting news on your political agenda. I greet everyone from here and wish them all the best. Remember, my dear compatriots, that control buses will be launched soon, which will take a drop of blood from all the vaccinated for the future. Give it back without hesitation, give another one next year! You really don’t have to put yourself in contact with heartless and insensitive service providers. You have us, your democratically elected representatives who will take care of your health and future. Health with home delivery – this is our program for you. – And what did mister president whisper in your ear? asked one of the blunt Lankenton correspondents.

Flaga Pamdemlandii

-Mr. Editor, what people sometimes say into each other’s ears … is not always intended for public knowledge - replied Ivv Odra with a smile „Well, that’s right, but maybe you can tell us something about that intriguing whisper,” he insisted. „I won’t betray, I won’t betray.” At least not now, Ivv Odra replied mysteriously.

Enthusiasm for the local party of rich people reached heights in Sarmalandia that had not been recorded by any polling agencies before. The effective collection of a drop of blood in front of the eyes of the whole world, and these whispers with the president, it was something that no one had invented before. Plus, the Health program with home delivery. Every voter swallowed those words like the tastiest slices of pizza.

 Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana felt alive. After returning to Sarmalandia, extensive preparations for control blood collections in control buses began. Less than a month has passed, and the mobile contact points of „We, the nation” with medicine have moved to the street. Ah, what happy days they were for all citizens! Voters donated blood en masse to control the results of vaccination, and Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana talked with the editor Maczugin every day about the growing level of satisfaction with medical services provided by the party of rich people. You can say that it was one big Happylandia, not a coarse Sarmalandia! „We, the people” enthusiastically donated drops of their priceless blood, which were placed in special triple containers so that they could safely survive air transport to the Union of Autonomous States. There they were to be subjected to detailed examination under the atomic force microscope. The first batch of samples, approximately ten thousand blood drops, arrived at the BAT Study laboratories in the fall. The researchers prepared themselves for the simultaneous analysis of large amounts of blood drops by developing special computer programs that allowed the results to be saved, but it was not possible to send them outside the computer network of the BAT Study laboratories.

The results were too valuable to be seen by anyone other than a carefully selected team of the most trusted researchers, and additionally sworn to state secrets of the highest degree. Eyes and hearts rejoiced as more drops of blood were read. TCERs polymorphism in 95% correlated with the party choice of local rich people in Sarmalandia. Moreover, a second batch of blood drops collected one year after the Muti Vir-Virr vaccination confirmed the previous observations 100%. The polymorphism of TCERs was even more pronounced in the microscopic image.

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Diagnosis: golden rush

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