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Professors Bohner and Lenton knew that when they went to Lankenton to report the results of the tests of drops taken from „We, the nation” of Sarmalandia, they must have a plan of further action ready.Without Jonathan’s participation, its development was not possible. While the use of research results was a political issue, their safe storage was an organizational problem that they should solve themselves. They worked for days on the final report – What do you propose? asked Chancellor Mac Forral. „You have to take care of the unusual scenario and circumstances so that everyone who sees it lives does not doubt that this plan serves a completely different purpose,” said York, who has since been promoted to head of the Unforgettable Group. Not without significance were the results of training and tests, but also the concern of the Union of Autonomous States for the presence of representatives of different races in high positions. Africans were especially promoted in these programs as people are known for their high ability to pursue goals, and if you add to this the world’s richest oil and gas resources in this country, it was obvious to the rich that this part of the world is worth investing in. – And what exactly would you suggest?

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Greg Mac Forral asked. „It can’t be done right away.” I’m exhausted from building the last script. Give me a couple of days off, I’ll rest and think of something. – O.K., take time off, rest, and makeup. Where will you go? – I don’t know.. maybe to Afrieer? I haven’t visited my hometown for a long time. „Go then, recharge your batteries, and come back with ideas,” Mac Forral agreed without hesitation. York didn’t need to be told twice. He quickly packed up and headed to the airport. Although he had two transfers from Lankenton to Afrieer, he was there after several hours. At home, at home, among your own. Admittedly, he was not a native Afrieer from his grandfather, or great-grandfather, as evidenced by his name, but he considered himself to be. His ancestors came to Afrieer from the northern shores of the Dark Sea many centuries ago. The name Bentano was a reminder of this non-local origin. Had he been a native Afrieer, his name might have been El Bentanar. The name was not the most important thing, he felt like a child of this coastal land, especially since he was born here. In his youth, as it happened, he went to Europendia on a scholarship for gifted students, and then to the Union of Autonomous States, where he settled permanently. As an outstanding student, and then an employee, he had no problems with obtaining citizenship.


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He stayed with his aunt Mahiba, who lived on the outskirts of Afrieer in a modest one-story cottage. She always put him in a good mood with her cheerful approach to the vicissitudes of fortune. He slept off the trip and headed for the city the next day. He walked the winding streets and looked at the white, beige, and cream houses. He peeked into cafes and tea rooms. He listened to the conversations and absorbed the leisurely rhythm of the city. He rested and regenerated. At the end of his stay, he decided to visit the famous ancient ruins in Bibase. He was among them as a small boy, visiting his father who worked as a guardian of the ruins. They always made a great impression on York. He imagined how life had been in the past, centuries ago, in this city located on the shores of the Dark Sea. He embodied himself in the imagination in the form of various inhabitants of ancient Bibase. In his imagination, he was successively a sailor, a merchant, a priest, and even a great ruler.

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After an hour’s drive, he was there, looking at the ruins, walking slowly. A lot has changed since his childhood. The ruins were tidied up, they were granted the status of a monument of human heritage. He walked the well-known alleys and looked at arches, stones, catacombs, and olive trees. He passed the remains of the chapel and came to the seashore. The steep rocky shore cut sharply underfoot. The sea roared below, with all its secrets and treasures. He sat on the shore for a long time. Suddenly, a carelessly knocked pebble fell into the water. York slowly got up and smiled to himself. He already knew under what circumstances Ivv should forget the few words she had heard from the president. He telephoned the Chancellor and reported, 'Action plan drawn up, if successful, you will receive a two-letter message: FD. – You say F.D.? Okay, whatever they mean, they will mean good news for our plans,” replied the Chancellor. After analyzing various variants, York from the Unforgettable Group chose the concept of establishing the Golden Order of the Green Olive and awarding it to people who have made special contributions to the health of societies and humanity. He proposed that the first awarding of the order should take place in Bibase, the cradle of the culture and diet of the Dark Sea. The first order was to be awarded to Dr. Ivv Odra for the merits of pioneer vaccination with Muti Vir-Virrem „We, the people” of Sarmaland. Everyone agreed that in the concept of awarding the prize, it is necessary to emphasize the thread of universal values, concerning practically every citizen.

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The Dark Sea diet has been known for centuries as conducive to health due to its many ingredients. The most important among them were green olives. So it was obvious to call the award the Golden Order of the Green Olive. The decoration ceremony was to take place in a month. To give it an appropriate rank, an invitation was made for Dr. Odran-Zatroskana with the signature of the president of the Union of Autonomous States. A letter was prepared and sent by confidential diplomatic mail to Ivv. Dear Ivv, I want to invite you to Afrieer. The purpose of the invitation is to solemnly decorate you with the Golden Order of the Green Olive in the original scenery of Bibase. You have done so much for the health of your society and all humanity in perspective that these achievements cannot go unnoticed. Benjamin Grant, president of the Union of Autonomous States

Beamed by the upcoming events, Ivv Odra arrived with the delegation and was to stay at the Royal Afrieer Hotel, famous for its beautiful, terraced gardens and a long list of distinguished guests who visited this place. She was greeted at the airport by York and a team of Unforgettable Group associates. After solemn greetings, everyone climbed into silent limousines with tinted windows and sped into town. The road to the Royal Afrieer Hotel took the newly built motorway at first, then the winding streets of old Afrieer. No sooner had they exchanged a few polite words in the car than they were at the hotel entrance. Ivv looked at the inscription Royal Afrieer arranged in intense blue azulejos tiles and she knew that she was at the gates of paradise. – Like in heaven, like in heaven – repeated Dr. Odrana-Zatroskana. „I’m glad you like it here, dear Ivv,” York said. As a welcome, she was given a memorial book asking her to make an entry for future generations. She typed in the text prepared earlier by the press office: A small drop of blood, a great step in the history of mankind. Let everyone give it. Ivv Odra She even liked the new version of her name! Maybe I’ll apply for an official change when I get back, she thought as she studied her signature in the yearbook. The sound of the elevator stopping on the ground floor brought her out of her thoughts. She rode up to the top floor, where she had her quarters in the presidential suite. She stepped onto the balloon and took a deep breath. Dusk was approaching. Ahead of her, the Dark Sea roared, and above her the starry sky, perhaps even darker than the sea. “Ivv, you have reason to be proud,” she said to herself. Gotta go to bed, tomorrow will be a long day. In the early morning, a short visit to the mayor of Afrieer, then a drive to the ruins of Bibase, decoration with the Golden Order of the Green Olive … so much ahead of me! She slept restlessly, in short stretches, tossing and turning from side to side. She woke up at five in the morning and spent the time until breakfast on the terrace, listening to the sound of the waves. After the symbolic meal, the whole entourage got into the limos and rushed to Bibase. By ten o’clock they were there.


The decoration ceremony was held in an ancient amphitheater adapted to the modern requirements of television broadcasting. In the central point, there was a small box of honor, and in front of it a podium where the decoration was to take place. Introduced Ivv Odra into the wardrobe to prepare it for the celebration. In the corner hung a beautiful tunic in the shade of the local earth – something between orange, beige, and green. „Madame, you will receive the Gold Order of the Green Olive in this tunic,” said the dresser. – Really? And that’s a surprise! Ivy called. The dresser expertly applied Ivv’s make-up for the television broadcast, then donned her tunic, deftly draping a rich series of pleats down the front of the gown. „How do you like it?” asked the dresser, revealing the mirror that had been covered so far. On its surface, Ivv’s astonished eyes saw the previously unknown figure of the Distinguished Ruler. „Ohhhh… is that me?” really me???? Ivv moaned in delight. „It is you, Madame,” replied the dresser. „Ohhhhh,” continued Ivv Odra, „that’s what Praw- power wonders! To hell with these suits in which I look like a corporate hack, not like the First Lady of Sarmalandia! We should think about transplanting this idea to the country… Maybe as an outfit for official state occasions? she thought excitedly. In her mind’s eye, she saw herself in this unusual outfit, opening the meeting of Aeropag Sarmalandia. Meanwhile, the assistant mayor of Afrieer entered the dressing room and asked Ivv to come to the stage. Ivv Odra was seated on a decorative armchair in the middle of the stage, on the left side there was a rostrum, opposite the honor box with all the official guests. The mayor of Afrieer entered the rostrum and gave a short occasional speech. “And now I will ask the special envoy of the President of the Union of Autonomous States, Mr. York Bentano, to present the Golden Order of the Green Olive. I would like to emphasize that this is the first in the history of humanity with this order. York walked over to Ivv, followed by an assistant with a golden tray with the order resting on a special cushion. – Dear Ivv, on behalf of the president of my country, the Union of Autonomous States, I express my highest appreciation and ask you to accept this order – York took the order from the pillow and proceeded to pin it. It is completely unknown why he stabbed Ivv with the pin of the order. „Oh… sorry, so sorry,” he said almost sincerely. „I hope it wasn’t too painful an experience,” he whispered. „Oh…no, just one more stab for the good of all humanity,” Ivv whispered back. In a few words, she thanked for the decoration and, leaning on York’s shoulder, left the stage of the Bibase amphitheater with a dignified step. The decoration ceremony was over and everyone went to the tent where There was an occasional party with a glass of champagne. All the official guests were coming, she rolled ordinary conversation began, and groups slowly formed. York did not leave Ivv for a moment. “Ivv, may I take you for a short walk along the Dark Sea as compensation for that unfortunate stab during the decoration?” asked York. „With pleasure,” replied Ivv Odra. „Then please lean on my arm, the terrain here is a bit uneven, and your elegant high heels may not be able to cope with this unevenness,” added York gallantly. „My pleasure,” replied Ivv and she felt her blood pumping faster than yesterday.


They walked slowly towards the Dark Sea, which was no more than two hundred meters from the tent. After a few minutes, they were on the very shore, which ended quite steeply at this point. The wall of rocks was uneven, rough, and covered in places with yellowish moss. Ivv, leaning on York’s arm, slowly walked along the precipitous shore of the Dark Sea. She paused for a moment to feast her eyes on the waves. York stopped a few steps away. „What interesting vegetation, even the moss here is different,” said York, leaning forward. „Look here,” he added. She walked over to examine the moss colony, bent down, and with the movement, the folds of her long tunic spread out on the rock like a napkin on a table. Ivv accidentally stepped on them and got tangled. York seemed to catch the moment the tunic was stepped on in a fraction of a second because he rushed to help. „Ivv, I’ll help you,” he said. He grasped the folds of his tunic with both hands and pulled it briskly towards him. Freshly decorated, Ivv staggered, lost her balance, and fell backward, banging her head several times on the uneven rocky ground. It landed on a ledge a few meters below. Ivv Odra lay motionless below. York looked at her with the eyes of a man who had completed another task entrusted to him. He took out his work cell and sent a short message to Greg Mac Forral: „FD. York.” Receiving the message in Lankenton, the Chancellor of the Rich Party looked at the short text and breathed a sigh of relief. He called the president of the Union of Autonomous States and reported: – Mr. President, FD, or Fall Down. I should have more details soon. „Thanks, Greg, it’s nice to have you and your boys to count on,” Benjamin Grant replied. “Always at your service, Mr. President,” said Greg.


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Diagnosis: golden rush

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