Gazeta dla Lekarzy opens English division

Krystyna Knypl

Globalization of the world is proceeding at a pace never before seen in human history. We must keep up with these changes and expectations of our Readers and Supporters. We are opening the English division, which will be represented by Beata Niedzwiedzka (London) and Karlina Harasimowicz (Oxford).

Both ladies know very well the structures and realities of English health care. Beata is a specialist in gynecology, obstetrics, and family medicine. Karolina is a paramedic and a lawyer. She completed both of her studies in England. Both ladies are characterized by high competence in medical knowledge. And what is no less important in the profession of a medical journalist nowadays - they are real Iron Ladies. Beata, Karolina welcome on board!

Krystyna Knypl

editor-in-chief & publisher

Gazeta dla Lekarzy

GdL 2/2022

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GdL 2/2022